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Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase

Selecting products

When browsing our webshop you have the opportunity to select and order the products on display. Click on a selected item to bring up more detailed information about the product. If you want to buy a product, put it into a virtual shopping cart by clicking on the "Add to cart" button. By clicking on the "View cart" button you can see the products placed in your shopping cart, as well as the final amount of your purchases and the delivery charge. Here you can check your order, especially the prices and quantities, which you can also modify and correct as desired. The cart automatically calculates the final amount of your order.

Sending your order

Once you are happy with the quantity of products in your cart, and you have checked the final amount and made the decision to purchase the items, you simply have to click on the "Checkout" button. After this you can choose whether to log in as a registered user, register as a new user, or make a purchase without registration.

If you have shopped in our webshop before, just enter the email address and password you provided during registration. If you would like to register as a new user, provide the data necessary for the purchase, which will be stored by the system so that next time you shop all you have to do is log in again. If you want to make a purchase without registration, just give your billing and delivery address.

In the next step choose the method of delivery and the means of payment that suit you. If you agree with the content of your order, click on the "Order" button to send the order.


Our prices are the list prices valid at the time of orders, which are shown next to the products in the webshop. The prices are gross prices; that is, they are inclusive of VAT, but they do not include the delivery charge. The delivery charge is shown at the checkout before you complet the order, and is also indicated in the Terms of Purchase. In the event of an error or omission in the webshop relating to the products or prices, we reserve the right to make corrections. In such cases, after the detection or correction of the error we will immediately notify the customer of the new details. After this the customer may reaffirm the order, or either party may rescind the contract.

Processing orders

Orders will be processed within 24 hours.

Correcting data entry errors

Data entry errors can be corrected at any time until the "Order" button is pressed.


We send email confirmation of all orders. This means that after the sending of the order you will receive an automatic email confirming our receipt of the order, and (later) another giving the estimate time of delivery. For telephone enquiries, call the customer service centre or any of the telephone numbers given in the email.

Payment terms

Our webshop offers the option of payment by bank transfer, bank card and PayPal, cash payment in person or cash on delivery or the online payment by Barion Payment Zrt. If you select cash on delivery, the full purchase price and the cost of delivery is payable in cash to the courier when taking delivery of the consignment.

Collection in person

Ordered products can be collected in person on weekdays between 09:30 and 16:00 at our foundation's head office, which is located at the following address: 1123 Budapest, Alkotás u. 55-61. Building C, 7th floor.
IMPORTANT: if you collect your purchases in person, you will only be able to pay cash, as unfortunately we are unable to accept bank cards or other means of payment at our head office. We will hold products awaiting collection for 5 working days from notification. This period can be extended if you request this from our customer service centre. Collection in person is FREE OF CHARGE.


If you request delivery, the ordered products will be delivered to your door within 1-6 working days.
Our products will be delivered to you by courier between 08:00 and 17:00 on working days, so it is advisable to give your work address. Unfortunately we are unable to specify the time of delivery any more precisely than this.
We do not charge for packaging. Pricing depends on the requested destination.

Taking delivery of the goods 

When taking delivery of the goods, please inspect the packaging carefully.
If you find any damage to the product after taking delivery of your purchases, please document this with photographs and let us know immediately in writing at: Keep the product and the packaging, because they may both be needed in any subsequent investigations. If you see any damage to the external packaging, open the package in the presence of the courier. This is possible after paying cash-on-delivery amount, if any. If the packaging contains a damaged product, please have the courier make a damage report. Complaints regarding physical damage to the package cannot be asserted without a damage report.

Cancellation of delivery

If the webshop does not fulfil its obligation undertaken in the contract because the goods specified in the contract are not available, or if it is not in a position to provide the ordered service, then it is obliged to inform the customer of this fact. The webshop does not conclude contracts with minors. By accepting the terms of trade the customer also declares that he/she is not a minor.


We only accept returned products in their original state and packaging, with no deficiencies in terms of either quantity or quality.

Right of rescission/Money-back guarantee

The customer may rescind the contract within eight working days without giving his/her reasons for doing so. The customer may exercise the right of rescission from the day of taking delivery of the goods. The vendor is obliged to refund the amount paid by the customer without delay, but no later than within thirty days from the rescission.
The customer shall bear all costs arising in connection with the return of the goods due to exercising the right to rescission. The customer shall bear no other cost. The vendor, however, may claim reimbursement for its losses resulting from the improper use of the goods. If the goods returned on the basis of the right of rescission are not in a flawless, re-sellable condition, then the customer has an obligation to indemnify, insofar as he/she wilfully or negligently caused the deterioration or spoiling of the goods, or any other impediment to the return thereof.
If during the opening of the package in the presence of the person performing delivery (postal delivery worker, courier), it transpires that the product can be proven to be damaged and that the damage arose prior to taking delivery of the goods, then we shall immediately take back the product and cancel the sale. Any damage or missing content must be stated in the record of the facts made jointly by the delivering and receiving party during delivery of the consignment. We cannot assume liability for any subsequent loss of contents or possible damage.
The text of Government Decree 17/1999 relating to the exercising of the right of rescission may be downloaded from the website of the National Consumer Protection Authority.

Modifying or cancelling the order

Pursuant to Act CVIII of 2001, when the order is submitted, the vendor's webshop software immediately sends notification to the customer confirming that the order has been taken. This notification does not constitute a contract between the vendor and the customer. It merely indicates to the customer that his/her request for an order has been registered and forwarded to the vendor's competent employee by our system.

If this is not received by the customer within 48 hours, then the customer shall cease to be bound by his/her offer.

The vendor, until the start of fulfilment of the order, shall give the customer the option of cancelling the order by electronic means. At the time of the start of fulfilment of the order, the customer shall receive notification by email and/or telephone regarding the estimated time for fulfilment and the fact that fulfilment has started; after this the order may only be cancelled in person or using the contact details that may be found in the "Customer service" or "Contact" sections.

The order may only be retrospectively modified in writing.

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3,400 Ft
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