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About Us

About Us

Autistic Art – A special fashion brand

The Autistic Art Foundation holds regular drawing sessions in residential homes for young people living with autism. The Autistic Art Artistic Program has been running since 2010, until this time it has achieved some incredible results. During the activities supported by the foundation, they have discovered numerous talented artists with autism, and took on the task of nurturing their talent. The Autistic Art design brand was built on the artistic sessions, in this way they could open a channel to show how colorful the mindset of autism. 

The Autistic Art silk scarf collection featured in the 2014 Design Yearbook, and was represented at the 2014 Hungarian Design Awards of the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts. In addition to this in 2014 the Autistic Art and the Kele for Autistic Art projects was nominated in the 44 most creative initiatives of the Highlights of Hungary competition. The results: Autistic Art received 5th and Kele for Autistic Art got 10th positions by the public votes.

The Autistic Art Foundation uses the proceeds from the sales of Autistic Art products to support 11 residential homes for people living with autism in Hungary. The most exciting drawings will be auctioned off, and the income is going to be forwarded to cover the residential homes operating and maintenance costs, and to make the operation of the Autistic Art Artistic Program constant.

The Autistic Art brand brings together art, design and charity in a unique way. When you buy these products you are also serving a good case by supporting young people with autism and helping to improve their quality of life.



Autistic Art Public Benefit Foundation for the Autistic Residental Homes
Tax number: 18260371-1-43
Address: Alkotás Point Irodaház, 1123 Budapest, Alkotás utca 50. A/6
Central telephone number: +36 1 489-2300
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