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This glossy pure silk scarf, printed in Milan, is based on a graphic design by László Bihari, a young person with autism. When you buy these products you are also serving a good cause by supporting young people with autism and helping to improve their quality of life. This exclusive product is delivered in a gift box, wrapped in tissue paper.


The scarf based on the following original artwork by László:

Bihari László autista fiatal alkotása2012, paper, colored pencil, 30x40 cm

Bihari László is a non-speaker, autistic, young man, who is living in the residental home of the Miskolci Autistic Foundation. He draws passionately and combines the colors excellently. His drawings often reflecting for his state of mind.

If you want to read more about László, or would like to see the other artworks what made within the framework of the Autistic Art artistic program please click to the following link:




Bihari László a Miskolci Autista Alapítvány otthonában élő nem beszélő autista fiatal. Szenvedélyesen rajzol, kiváló érzékkel nyúl a színekhez,  lelkiállapota gyakran tükröződik munkáin.

Amennyiben szívesen olvasna többet Lászlóról, vagy megnézné az Autistic Art Művészeti  Program keretében született további alkotásait, kattintson az alábbi linkre:

20,000 Ft
20,000 Ft