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Kele for Autistic Art Sweaters - 37DOTS

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Model: AAKP14-37DO00000M

The Kele Clothing for Autistic Art fashion brand was born of a collaboration with fashion designer Ildikó Kele's fresh and upcoming streetwear brand, Kele Clothing. The limited-series collection decorated with the graphic designs of young people with autism was designed by Ildikó, and made locally from the best-quality Italian raw materials. World-famous models have also stepped up to promote the collection: Vanessa Axente and Botond Cseke were happy to support the cause of the autistic artists. Kele Clothing has pledged 100% of the revenue from sales of the collection to our Foundation, for the benefit of young people with autism and the arts programme.

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The sweater based on the following original artwork by Dezső:

2011, paper, colored pencil, 35x50 cm

The regularly spaced points in the drawings of Tóth Dezső are showing how he is looking for the rules what could give safety for him in this uncertain world.

If you want to read more about the autistic artists, or would like to see the other artworks what made within the framework of the Autistic Art artistic program please click to the following link:


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25,000 Ft