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Model: AANT14-BALL140200

Our notebooks are based on the graphic designs of young people living with autism, which were created at the artistic drawing sessions of the Autistic Art Foundation. The Autistic Art Artistic Programme and the Autistic Art collection made it into the 44 most creative initiatives of the Highlights of Hungary competition, and came 5th in the public vote. The notebook covers were designed by graphic designer Dániel Szalkai, drawing on the designs of the autistic artists. When you buy these products you are also serving a good cause by supporting young people with autism and helping to improve their quality of life.

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The notebook based on the following original artwork by Zulejka:

Pados Zulejka autista fiatal alkotása2012, paper, oil pastel 20x30 cm

Pados Zulejka is the fun of the soft things, be it classical music, clothes, colors, vocals or a beard. It is not surprising that she's drawings mostly made by pastel, she conjures virtuoso colors to the paper.

If you want to read more about Zulejka, or would like to see the other artworks what made within the framework of the Autistic Art artistic program please click to the following link:


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